Infinity Plastics Industries Ltd, are devoted to the manufacturing & sale of bottles, closures & jars made out of virgin plastic resins of different types depending on the manufacturing processes & the end use of the products. The company opened its doors to the public in January, the year 2014. Since then, we have strived to provide the much needed solutions in as far as packaging is concerned.


To set the standards in packaging solutions under one roof.


To offer high quality bottles as a solution to the ever persistent packaging challenge. To remain the premier choice for plastic packaging products in the market. To maintain a high level of integrity & professionalism in manufacturing & customer care. To cater for staff welfare & provide suitable working environment to enhance motivation & productivity, securing a bright future for our employees & the community at large. To produce high quality light weighted bottles, through very advanced technology for less carbon footprint in order to preserve our environment for our future generations.


Honesty, Integrity & Professionalism, Hard work, Dedication & Achievement.